Over the past decade, Kelly has taken various workshops and classes in Massage, Thai Massage, Bodywork, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. This past year, she graduated from the Pacific Center of Awareness and Bodywork in Kauai, Hawaii, deepening her understand of Structural Intgegration. Her bodywork sessions are tailored to each client's needs. They are based on the clients needs, and more specifically, they are based around posture and body alignment. Kelly uses a mixture of deep tissue work and relaxation techniques to free the body of tension and stress.

 *currently not taking any new clients for bodywork


“It is always best few hours of my week!”   -Jonathan B

"Kelly is the rare combination of teacher--smart, deeply knowledgeable and exceptionally kind." George Hornig

"I had tried yoga countless times but it never really clicked until I started working with Kelly.  She helped me to not only relax and diversify my workouts, but also to clear my head and get things in perspective." Britt Wallach